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New partnership to provide faster patient transports to Driscoll Children's Hospital

Driscoll Children's Hospital and HALO-Flight, Inc. have begun a partnership that will result in an unprecedented level of service for critically ill and injured children of South Texas. Beginning this month, HALO-Flight will dedicate a helicopter exclusively to Driscoll Children's Hospital. This partnership will significantly reduce the time it takes to transport patients to the hospital.

"The purpose of this partnership is to transport newborns, infants and children with life threatening illnesses and injuries to the hospital as fast as possible," said Steve Woerner, president and CEO of Driscoll Children's Hospital.

Helicopters roughly cut transport time in half compared to ambulances, according to Driscoll records. For example, the average round trip by ambulance from Driscoll to a hospital in Brownsville is seven hours. The same round trip by helicopter is around three hours.

"By having a dedicated HALO-Flight helicopter, Driscoll will be able to better serve children throughout our 31-county service area," Woerner said. "This is monumental in our mission of providing hope and healing to the children of South Texas."

Excellent patient care is at the forefront of HALO-Flight's partnership with Driscoll, said Tom Klassen, HALO-Flight, Inc.'s executive director.

"Our goal is to continue to provide advanced critical care utilizing our premier helicopters and the highly skilled flight crews at Driscoll. HALO-Flight is dedicated to ensuring that the children of South Texas have the opportunity for a better chance at life by receiving air ambulance transports. We are two companies who have been, and will continue to be, serving South Texas residents' emergent needs."

Driscoll's service area covers 31 counties and 33,000 square miles, with its level III NICU offering the highest level of care in the area.

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This helicopter will fly throughout Driscoll's 33,000 square-mile service area to transport seriously ill and injured children to the hospital, greatly reducing the time it takes to transport them via ambulance.
Officials from HALO-Flight, Inc. and Driscoll Children's Hospital announced the organizations' partnership at a press conference Sept. 16. They are (left to right): Tom Klassen, executive director of HALO-Flight; Miguel DeLeon, MD, Driscoll NICU medical director; John Maher, MD, Driscoll Transport medical director; and Steve Woerner, Driscoll president and CEO.
Driscoll Children's Hospital's transport team (left) works closely with the transport team from HALO-Flight (right) to make sure children get the emergency care they need quickly and safely.
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