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Mini-grocery store coming for Driscoll rehab patients

Children receiving rehabilitation therapy at Driscoll Children's Hospital wasted no time wheeling out mini-grocery carts and filling them with products during a press conference at the hospital Nov. 10, where it was announced that H-E-B will donate $30,000 toward building an H-E-Buddy Market in the Rehabilitation Services Department.

H-E-Buddy Markets in children's museums such as those in Houston and Laredo give children the grocery shopping experience in miniature and are designed to engage them in activities that will help them learn and grow. They also offer therapeutic possibilities for patients at Driscoll.

With Driscoll's physical therapists, children can improve their standing and balancing ability by reaching and picking items from high and low shelves. Pushing a grocery cart can help those who need to work on walking. Speech therapists can help children improve language skills by having them name, match, categorize or describe products. And with Driscoll's occupational therapists, children can work on problem solving by planning a meal, purchasing items, making change and generally improving their fine motor skills.

When completed, the H-E-Buddy Market at Driscoll will be available to any child in the community who needs rehabilitation therapy. For more information, call Driscoll's Rehabilitation Services Department at (361) 694-5678.

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