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Driscoll's kidney transplant recipients come from all over South Texas for annual Reunion

CORPUS CHRISTI - Driscoll Children's Hospital celebrated seven years of renal transplants with patients and their families at the annual Transplant Reunion on April 26 at Funtrackers.

For nearly 10 years, Driscoll's Kidney Center has offered comprehensive kidney care to the children of South Texas, including transplantation, general nephrology services, on-site and home pediatric dialysis. For children with end-stage renal disease, transplantation is the ideal treatment.

"The reunion not only fosters the relationship between our patients who see they aren't alone in this journey, but it allows our patients and staff to reconnect outside of the clinic as well," said Leticia Castaneda, social worker at Driscoll's Kidney Center.

Stephen Almond, MD, surgical director of Driscoll's Renal Transplant Program, and Dr. Samham Al-Akash, MD, medical director of the Kidney Center, reconnected with their patients and joined them in riding go carts, playing video games and eating pizza and cake.

"It's just a fun time for the kids to get together with their families to celebrate life with a good functioning kidney," Almond said. "The wonderful thing about it is you get to see the kids when they're little, you get to see the change that happens once you put a functioning organ in and then you get to see them grow and develop more normally. That's probably the most satisfying."

Dr. Al-Akash said he looks forward to the event just as much as the patients every year.

"We enjoy seeing our patients outside of the clinic, running around and having fun," he said. "It means we did our jobs by giving them a better quality of life away from dialysis machines and medical equipment."

As the only pediatric transplant program in South Texas, Driscoll has performed 72 kidney transplants since the program began in 2007. Patients range in age from 1 to 21 years, and come from all over South Texas.

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