Conjoined twins' separation surgery a success

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“The teamwork has been phenomenal,” said Haroon Patel, MD, Pediatric Surgeon and Medical Team Leader, at the press conference held April 15, to announce the successful separation of conjoined twins Ximena and Scarlett Hernandez-Torres. “We could not do something like this without countless others.”

Forty-five medical professionals took part in the surgery. Yet, so many others in the Driscoll family have been doing their part in caring for the twins since their arrival at Driscoll just hours after their birth May 16, 2015. Physicians at the press conference were quick to applaud the accomplishments of all.

“There’s an adage that it takes a village to raise a child. Here, it took all of Driscoll to care for these twins,” said Roger W. Timperlake, MD, Pediatric Orthopaedic Surgeon.

Steve Woerner, President and CEO of Driscoll Health System, described the separation surgery as a “man on the moon event” for the hospital.

Such a historic moment doesn’t just happen.

“I used to have an old football coach who said, ‘Luck is when preparation meets opportunity.’ We were very well prepared for this,” said P. Stephen Almond, MD, Pediatric Surgeon, Head of Divisions of Pediatric Surgery, Urology and Transplantation.

Since the surgery, “they have made phenomenal progress,” said Dr. Patel.

The twins were released from the hospital May 18. Two days earlier, the girls, along with triplet Catalina, celebrated their first birthday with a “Frozen”-themed party at Driscoll.

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