Child Life Practicum Program

The Stripes Child Life Practicum Program strives to provide students with a quality learning experience and an introduction to the Child Life profession. We are dedicated to providing students with ample opportunities to gain experience supporting and working with children and their families as they interact with the healthcare environment. The practicum experience focuses on developing skills in providing emotional support, developmentally appropriate activities and therapeutic play opportunities for hospitalized children. There will be many opportunities to implement activities with patients both at their bedside and in the playroom, as well as opportunities to observe Child Life interventions with our certified Child Life specialists.

Application Deadlines

Our Child Life Practicum program is offered during the Spring and Summer sessions only. All applicants are required to submit a complete packet (materials are listed on the application) post-marked no later than the application deadline to be considered for the program. Deadlines for submissions are as follows:

Semester Application Deadline
Spring September 19
Summer January 19

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Students must be able to complete a minimum of 200 hours to successfully complete the practicum program. Students are not required to be affiliated with a university or college; however, they are required to be processed as a Driscoll volunteer. If selected to participate in the program, students will need to complete the Driscoll Volunteer Application packet and must complete a criminal background check, TB test and measles immunity test (at no cost) as well as a hospital volunteer orientation.

We appreciate your interest in the opportunity for a practicum placement with the Stripes Child Life Department at Driscoll Children’s Hospital. For further information or questions about our practicum program, please contact us at (361) 694-5048 or