Telemedicine Patient App FAQs

Before Your Virtual Visit

Is my information safe? +

What devices are supported? +

What browsers are supported? +

How do I download the Patient App? +

How do I get invited to a virtual visit? +

How do I start my virtual visit? +

My provider has canceled my virtual visit. How do I reschedule? +

During Your Check-In

It's asking me to download an app. Should I do that? +

Can I still use a browser? +

I’ve been asked to sign a form. How do I do that? +

I got an error message when I clicked Test Connection. What should I do? +

During Your Virtual Visit

My provider can’t see or hear me. What should I do? +

My provider still can’t hear or see me. What should I do? +

I’ve been sent back to the Waiting Room. Is my virtual visit over? +

Can I take a call during my virtual visit? +

Can I use other apps during my virtual visit? +

I’m having trouble speaking. How can I talk to my provider? +

I want to end my virtual visit. How do I do that? +