Driscoll GRANDS

Grandparents supporting the children of South Texas

Grandma, Grandpa, Nani and Pawpaw— we are excited to celebrate the joy of being a grandparent and welcome you to Driscoll GRANDS. Grandparents, no matter their name, graciously embrace their calling—to love their grandchildren with whole hearts. Driscoll Children’s Hospital invites all grandparents, and aspiring grandparents, to honor your special little ones with
an annual gift that helps provide compassionate care to all children in South Texas.

To join Driscoll GRANDS in membership, we ask that you meet the following requirements:

1. You are a grandparent. (Honorary and aspiring grandparents to-be are most certainly welcome!)

2. You unconditionally love your grandchild or grandchildren.

3. You donate an annual gift.

*You can make additional gifts throughout the year to recognize your grandchildren’s birthday, good grades, milestones and other special occasions. A personalized note will be sent to your loved one acknowledging your gift in their honor.

Here are just a few examples of how your gifts can make a difference:

• $50 for Child Life entertainment (movies, puzzles, games, etc.)

• $75 for one car seat

• $100 for a pair of child-sized crutches

• $250 for 25 all-purpose helmets

• $350 for transportal preemie-pod used when transporting infants to Driscoll

• $1,500 to provide adaptive car seats designed for special needs children

• $2,500 for one sleeper chair in inpatient rooms

• $5,000 will send 5 patients to summer camp in a medically-safe environment

To say “thank you” for your gift, Driscoll GRANDS will receive the following benefits:

Discount in Driscoll’s Carousel Gift Shop

Name published in Driscoll’s Donor Honor Roll

Subscription to Driscoll Life magazine and Driscoll e-Life newsletter

Invitation to special events and educational opportunities

Because of your love for your grandchild or grandchildren, Driscoll Children’s Hospital can lovingly take care of all children.