Rotations, Salary and Benefits

Rotation Information

First Year (PL-I) Second Year (PL-II) Third Year (PL-III)
Pediatric Inpatient (6) Pediatric Inpatient (1) Pediatric Inpatient (3)
Emergency Medicine Emergency Medicine Emergency Medicine
Selective/Elective (1) Selective/Elective (5) Selective/Elective (3-4)
Community Pediatrics/Advocacy Behavioral/Adolescent Pediatrics Behavioral/Adolescent Pediatrics
Pediatric Surgery PICU  PICU
Term/Well Newborn NICU NICU
Vacation Vacation Vacation
FLEX Rotation
Selectives Electives
Allergy/Immunology Child Abuse
Cardiology Child Psychiatry
Endocrinology Dermatology
Hematology/Oncology Genetics
Gastroenterology Infectious Disease
Nephrology Neonatology
Neurology Ophthalmology
Pulmonology Orthopedics
Pediatric Anesthesiology
Pediatric Intensive Care
Pediatric Surgery
Plastic Surgery
Sports Medicine


Salary & Benefits Information

Residents are paid on a bi-weekly basis. Payroll is completed via direct deposit to the resident's bank account. Salaries are competitive with other regional pediatric residency programs. PL-1 residents receive $52,600, PL-2 residents receive $56,000 and PL-3 residents receive $57,900.

Additional Resident Benefits include:

Meals: Meals will be furnished, without charge, for all residents. There is an allowance of $210 (discounted price), bi-weekly, for cafeteria food. Each resident is issued a meal card to charge their meals.

Allowances for medical books and supplies: In addition to their basic salary, each resident is entitled to reimbursement for the purchase of medical books, journal subscriptions, small medical equipment or any other items necessary for the furtherance of their professional career. Examples include iPads, computers, otoscopes, ophthalmoscopes and approved attendance at professional meetings(s). All residents receive a $1,400 a year allowance.

Bonus: Residents who are up to date on all responsibilities share a $10,000 bonus quarterly.

Professional Dues: The hospital provides, free of charge, membership dues for all residents in the American Academy of Pediatrics, Texas Medical Association, Nueces County Medical Society, the Corpus Christi Pediatric Society and the Texas Pediatric Society.

Medical Insurance: Each Resident, his/her spouse and dependent, minor children are furnished, without charge, hospitalization and general medical benefits through the hospital’s group health insurance policy. An explanation of benefits can be obtained by contacting the Human Resources Department. Residents will be responsible for deductibles and co-payments as outlined in the policy.

Dental Insurance: Dental insurance is provided to all residents free of charge. Dental insurance may be purchased for their families. Information can be obtained by contacting the Human Resources Department. Residents will be responsible for deductibles and co-payments as outlined in the policy.

Disability Insurance: All residents are provided, at no charge, short term disability insurance. Information can be obtained by the contacting Human Resources Department.

Life Insurance: Each resident receives life insurance under the hospital’s group life insurance policy. In addition, term life insurance is furnished with membership in the American Academy of Pediatrics, also a benefit of each resident at no charge. Refer to AAP materials for full description of benefits.

Professional Liability Insurance: Residents are covered by the hospital’s general liability insurance policy while performing assigned duties in the hospital or its affiliated institutions. Insurance does not cover intentional, willful or malicious acts or misconduct. Additionally, each resident has an individual liability coverage policy.

Parking: Parking is provided to all residents free of charge. Parking is within a very short walking distance of the hospital.

Uniforms and Laundry of Uniforms: Residents are issued two lab jackets and two sets of scrub suits during their first year of training at no charge. Second and Third Year Residents will be given one additional set of scrubs and a lab coat at the beginning of their second and their third year at no charge. A resident may elect to have coats and scrub suits cleaned by the hospital laundry once a week.

Registration Fee for the ABP Board Examination: All graduating residents who take the American Board of Pediatrics certification examination within the first year eligible and have a passing score will be reimbursed for the examination fee. It will be the responsibility of each individual to notify the program director or residency coordinator for reimbursement.

Vacation: First and second year residents receive three (3) weeks of paid vacation and third year residents receive four (4) weeks of paid vacation. In addition, all residents have five (5) personal/sick (PTO) leave days allotted per year.

Sick Leave: Sick leave will be deducted from the resident’s annual PTO leave of 5 days. Sick leave beyond 5 days will be deducted from vacation days. PTO cannot be accrued from one year to the next.

Maternity Leave: Maternity leave will be granted in accordance with the Family Medical Leave Act of 1993 and the policy of Driscoll Children’s Hospital.

Parental Leave: Parental leave will be granted in accordance with the Family Medical Leave Act of 1993. The program will allow any father to have minimal call around the time of the delivery of his child and no call while he is on leave.

Call Rooms: Driscoll Children’s Hospital provides Call Rooms to all residents on-call within the hospital. A refrigerator, TV/VCR, microwave oven and computers are located in the Resident’s Lounge on the 4th floor. Sandwiches, drinks and snacks are available for residents who are on-call in the Resident Lounge.