Dear Friends,

How blessed we are that Clara Driscoll saw the need to establish a children's hospital in South Texas. Since 1953, her kindness and humanity have been felt by generations of South Texans, spanning 33,000 square miles.

Driscoll Children's Hospital was Clara Driscoll's gift to her community. She was well-known throughout Texas for her pioneering spirit and her compassion; she was a South Texas patriot, a businesswoman, the savior of the Alamo; as comfortable on the ranch as she was in the boardroom. Because of her generosity and love of South Texas we are here today fulfilling her legacy -- serving the children of South Texas.

As Driscoll Children's Hospital commemorated its 60th anniversary in 2013, we remembered our history and heritage, celebrated our accomplishments and advancements and looked ahead to the future.

On behalf of the Governing Board and the Senior Leadership Team, we are proud to present our 2013 Annual Report, "Celebrating 60 Years," where you will find photos from our history as well as our accomplishments this past year that made it A Year to Remember; the praiseworthy awards and recognition we earned that were Icing on the Cake; recaps of our annual fundraisers where we were able to Celebrate with Friends; a sneak peak of our Emergency Department renovations And Many More.

Driscoll Children's Hospital has been a friend of the family and a friend of the community for 60 years. Included in these pages is our Community Benefit Report for 2013 that shares a sampling of how we give back: our Gifts to the Community.

We hope you enjoy a look back at our 60th anniversary. Thank you for supporting the mission of Driscoll Children's Hospital and helping us carry on the legacy of Clara Driscoll.

Robert Driscoll and Julia Driscoll and Robert Driscoll, Jr. Foundation Board of Trustees


Sam L. Susser

Thomas E. Dobson
Joe R. Fulton
Robert R. Furgason
Martha L. Hinojosa
Loyd Neal
C. Ivan Wilson

Driscoll Children's Hospital
Governing Board of Directors

Loyd Neal, Chair

Murray Bass, Jr.
Paul Daniel Chapa
Mary Clark
Jim Devlin
Lenora Keas
Reba Cardenas McNair
Thomas Morris, MD
León Smith-Harrison, MD
Bill Sterett
Sam L. Susser
C. Ivan Wilson
Steve Woerner

Driscoll Children's Hospital Development Foundation
Board of Directors

  • Mary Clark
  • Bob Cuvelier
    Vice President
  • Richard Valls, Jr.
    Vice President
  • Julie Buckley
  • Wes Hoskins
  • Manette Scanio
    Past President
  • David Ainsworth, Sr.
  • Edgar Cortes, MD
  • Ann Engel
  • Diane Gates
  • Frank Hastings
  • Nancy Hawn
  • Alex Kirkland
  • Marc Layton
  • Paul McDaniel
  • Julie McNeil
  • Bill Moffitt
  • Liz Nisbet
  • Sherry Rumley
  • Rhonda Sellman
  • Sally Wallace
Trustees Emeritus
  • Gerald Eckel
  • Bernard Paulson
  • Rich Tuttle
  • Steve Woerner
    President & CEO
  • Martha Avery
    Vice President Development

Driscoll Children's Hospital
Senior Leadership

  • Steve Woerner, President and Chief Executive Officer
  • Eric Hamon, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
  • Jeanene Anthony, Vice President Business Development & Planning
  • Martha Avery, Vice President Development
  • Bill Larsen, Vice President Human Resources
  • Karen Long, Vice President Patient Care Services
  • Dale Obermueller, Vice President Clinic and Physician Practices
  • Mary Dale Peterson, MD, President and Chief Executive Officer Driscoll Health Plan
  • Donna Quinn, Vice President Operations and Quality
  • Gregory Ward, Vice President Finance
  • Trish Carr, Assistant Vice President Nursing Operations
  • Richard Foster, Assistant Vice President Support Services
  • Eduardo Gomez, Assistant Vice President Analytics
  • Tammy Weaver, Assistant Vice President, Marketing & Community Relations
  • Jennifer Henderson, General Counsel
  • Jan Kottke, Clinic Administrator
  • Annette Shook, Executive Director Physician Relations & Recruiting


"Improve the health of adults and you give them back their health...
Improve the health of children and you give them their life."
Remembering always our commitment to relieve suffering and meet the needs of children;
it is the mission of Driscoll Children's Hospital to offer hope and healing
in an environment of trust, compassion and care.


To be the regional and international leader in children's services through
innovation and excellence in healthcare, advocacy, education and research.


Customer Satisfaction
Advocacy for Children
Respect for Others
Excellence in All We Do
Stewardship of Resources

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Driscoll Children's Hospital
Marketing and Public Relations Department

Tammy Weaver, Assistant Vice President Marketing and Community Relations

Samantha Joaquin, Marketing Coordinator, project manager

James Simmons, Graphic Production Manager, design

Michael Bratten, Media Communications Manager, copy

Sam Simpson, Website/Graphics Specialist, website

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