Media Inquiries

The Driscoll Children’s Hospital Marketing and Communications Department handles all media inquiries.

Media Guidelines:

  • Media escorts: All media, while at any Driscoll facility, must be accompanied and escorted by a member of the Driscoll Marketing and Communications team or an appropriate Driscoll representative at all times. Please contact a member of the Driscoll Marketing and Communications team prior to arrival.
  • Interviews: All requests for interviews must be coordinated through the Marketing and Communications team. This includes media requests made directly by a patient or a patient’s family or representative.
  • Photographs, video, and audio recordings: All photography, video and audio recordings must be coordinated and approved through the Driscoll Marketing and Communications team.

Media and Communications contacts:

General email contact: [email protected]
Gerry Muyshondt
Senior Director Marketing & Communications
[email protected]
Nicole Dodson
Communications Manager
(361) 694-5662
[email protected]
Teresa Rodriguez
Marketing & Communications Manager
(Rio Grande Valley)
(956) 369-4320
[email protected]
Fernando Ramirez
Senior Copywriter & Media Relations
(361) 694-4713
[email protected]
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