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The Driscoll team is dedicated to achieving unimaginable outcomes for our patients and the people who love them. See our latest stories here—and check back often as new miracles are made.

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Preston suffered a life-threatening brain injury at 23 months. But with Driscoll—nothing would stand between him and recovery.
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South Texas girl fights rare cancer to get childhood back

January 25, 2024

Little girls often dream of princess crowns, but sometimes life isn’t a fairy tale. Instead of carefree childhood days playing with her sisters, seven-year-old Aralynn Falcon found herself in so much pain that she could barely walk. Doubled over with abdominal pain, her family sought answers, but the last thing on their minds was cancer. […]

Finding family in the pediatric ICU

October 31, 2023

If there’s proof that love can grow even under the most stressful circumstances, one would find it in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at Driscoll Children’s Hospital. When Thomas and Brittany  first met the child who would become their daughter, she was just a few weeks old and fighting to overcome a heart condition and […]

April's Kabuki Journey

October 26, 2023

Thanks to the progress nine-year-old April Garcia has made with the assistance of Driscoll’s Rehabilitation Services Department, she has not only increased her strength, but also her self-confidence. April was diagnosed with Kabuki Syndrome in the Summer of 2020. Kabuki Syndrome is a rare genetic disorder occurring in approximately 1 in 32,000-86,000 births worldwide. Children […]

Transplant patient takes senior pictures at hospital that saved her

October 18, 2023

While childhood milestones are often marked by first words, first steps, first school days and last ones, Elisabeth Harris’ were framed by firsts of a different kind: the first of 59 surgical procedures, like her kidney transplant, the nine times when she almost died, and the days she chose to live each moment to the fullest.

Texas boy visits hospital that saved him after near-fatal ATV crash

October 18, 2023

Blowing out candles and making a wish is the way Preston Simpson should have celebrated his second birthday. Instead, an ATV accident nearly robbed him of the life he’d only just begun. Prayers replaced birthday wishes as Preston’s medical team spent days, weeks and months fighting to not only save this little boy but to […]

John J. defies cerebral palsy — and the odds

October 18, 2023

Life wasn’t supposed to amount to much for John Josiah Martinez. Since his third day living, he has been on medication to control his seizures. Diagnosed with cerebral palsy, epilepsy and scoliosis, they said he would never walk, he would never talk. He’d have to be fed through a tube. “They pretty much told me […]

From the ICU and back: These twin nurses were born premature in TX

October 18, 2023

Just imagine: after months, the day you’ve waited for has finally arrived. But instead of holding your new baby in your arms, you’re told there’s been a problem as she’s whisked away to the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). Your joy and hope is suddenly replaced with fear and despair. When the unthinkable happens, families […]

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