Moving Pediatric Care Forward

Driscoll Children’s Hospital is at the forefront of clinical excellence, managing the everyday care of patients from South Texas and beyond—all while making breakthroughs in clinical research. With the growth and expansion of Driscoll’s clinical research, we’ve put considerable investments toward strengthening our research infrastructure. The Research Task Force at Driscoll Children’s Hospital is excited to present our research endeavors and the path ahead for improving health care for children through clinical research.

“We are blessed that we don’t have to travel to big cities to seek the cutting-edge therapies offered through clinical trials at Driscoll.”

Research Areas

Medical Student Research Program at Driscoll Children’s Hospital

At Driscoll, we understand the importance of involving new thinkers with varied perspectives in the research process. Here, our medical students learn the complete research pathway, from “idea” to “dissemination of new knowledge.” Our program offers early exposure to research and academia, allowing students to test the waters early in their careers. The research process is particularly primed for connection, collaboration and networking, helping set the stage for both academic growth and competitive residency positions in the future.

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Answering the Call

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Miracle Stories

Together, Against All Odds

Our experts put their passion to work every day, helping kids defy incredible odds on their health journeys here at Driscoll.
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