Medical Records Disposal Policy

Notice to Patient Regarding Destruction of Medical Records

In accordance with Texas Health and Safety Code, Section 241.103, this notice is given to you regarding the destruction of medical records.

It is the policy of Driscoll Children's Hospital to authorize the disposal of any medical records on or after the tenth (10th) anniversary of the date on which you, the patient, were last treated at this facility.

If you, the patient, are younger than 18 years of age when you were last treated, Driscoll may authorize the disposal of medical records relating to you, the patient, on or after your twentieth (20th) birthday, or on or after the tenth (10th) anniversary of the date on which you were last treated, whichever date is later.

Driscoll will not destroy medical records that relate to any matter that is involved in litigation if Driscoll knows the litigation has not been fully resolved.
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