Never Leave a Child Alone In A Vehicle

Tips for Better Backseat Safety

It's no surprise that new parents suffer from exhaustion due to lack of sleep, hormone changes, stress and changes in their normal routine. Any one of these factors can cause forgetfulness. One of the most serious consequences of this condition is when children are accidentally left in vehicles. Even the best of parents and caregivers can overlook a sleeping baby in a car. Unfortunately, the end result can be injury or even death.

Here are a few simple tips to help you build safe behaviors when your child is a passenger in the back seat of a vehicle:

B — Put something in the BACK SEAT of your vehicle that requires you to open the back door every time you park: cell phone, employee badge, handbag, etc.

EEVERY CHILD should be correctly restrained in the back seat.

S — Keep a STUFFED ANIMAL in your child's car seat. Place it on the front seat as a reminder when your baby is in the back seat.

AASK FOR A CALL from your babysitter or childcare provider if your child hasn't arrived on time.

F — Avoid cell phone calls and texting so you can FOCUS ON DRIVING and getting to your destination safely.

E — Make it a routine to open the back door of your car EVERY TIME YOU PARK to check that no one has been left behind.


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