Setting Your Child on the Right Path Nutrition plays a key role in achieving optimal health. It's important to help your child create healthy habits, as these behaviors tend to stay with them through adulthood. By establishing healthy eating patterns and getting regular physical activity, your child will be better protected, both now and in […]
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When Your Child Needs Nutritional Support Proper nutrition is the foundation for a long, healthy life. When a child struggles to reach a healthy weight or parents have difficulty providing proper nutrition—we offer nutrition resources for the care your child needs. Failure to Thrive  "Failure to thrive" is a diagnosis term describing a lack of […]
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New Foods for Growing Toddlers The toddler phase (ages 1 to 3 years) can often be challenging when it comes to feeding and nutrition. Developmentally, many changes are occurring in your child’s body and mind. This can make mealtime difficult. It is important for parents to provide structure and set limits for toddlers. Here are […]
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The Building Blocks of Health At Driscoll Children’s Hospital, we're invested in your child’s health today and tomorrow. Proper nutrition for your growing child is fundamental for proper development. Here, you'll find trusted resources to help on your nutrition journey. Nutrition Education Videos  Recipes on a Budget For high-quality meals without the high price, visit […]
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A Strong Start Did you know that more growth occurs during a child’s first year than any other time over their lifespan? How incredible! This is why it’s so important to feed your child the right foods at the proper time. Encouraging good eating habits will set your child on a healthy path.   The First […]
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