CMN Champion: Audrey Garza

What started as a fever and suspected ear infection led to a life-changing diagnosis for 9-month-old Audrey Garza.

After months of searching for answers, Audrey came to Driscoll Children’s Hospital where physicians diagnosed her with acute transverse myelitis, a rare condition that causes swelling of the spinal cord, leaving her unable to walk.

Now five, Audrey has been a patient of Driscoll Children’s Hospital and a Driscoll Health Plan member for most of her life.

Audrey with her family

Audrey requires specialized care and rehabilitation unique to children with her condition. She visits Driscoll Children’s Hospital on a regular basis for these treatments.

For many years, the Garzas have traveled outside of their home in Edinburg to bring Audrey to her appointments in Corpus Christi.

They are grateful to know that their trips for Audrey’s care will soon be much shorter with the opening of Driscoll Children’s Hospital Rio Grande Valley.

“We are so happy to have Driscoll in our lives, and we’re happy that my family and many other families in the Rio Grande Valley will have a Driscoll hospital available to them whenever they need it,” said Audrey’s father, Leonel Garza III.

Children's Miracle Network Hospitals

Audrey is the 2022 Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals Champion Child for Driscoll Children’s Hospital.

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Driscoll LIFE Winter 2022 Cover

Driscoll LIFE

Check out the Winter 2022 Driscoll LIFE Magazine with Audrey featured on the cover.

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