What are the advantages of breastfeeding?

  • Breast milk reduces the risk of allergic reactions in infants
  • Studies indicate a higher IQ in breastfed babies
  • Protects mom against breast and ovarian cancers and diabetes
  • Transmits mom's immunities to the infant
  • Reduces crying and colic in infants
  • Promotes bonding and reduces cases of abuse and abandonment
  • Allows mom time to cuddle and nurture her baby
  • Mom's milk changes to meet the baby's specific needs
  • Protects the environment: no packaging, no plastics, no waste
  • Saves money
  • Makes traveling easier
  • Allows mom to spend more time with the entire family
  • Allows mom to miss fewer work or school days because baby is sick less often
  • Helps uterus return to pre-pregnancy shape and size
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