Fiesta de los Niños raises funds for Driscoll Heart Center

The 32nd Annual Fiesta de los Niños was a fun and successful celebration, giving businesses, individuals, and the whole community a chance to join the effort of providing more and better healthcare for children.

This year, Driscoll raised $850,000.

The funds will go to helping build out the Pavilion where 50,000 square feet of additional care space for patients is under construction.

The buildout will create an operating suite with four surgical rooms, including two catheterization laboratories dedicated to cardiac procedures. Additionally, there will be 35 new cardiac intensive care unit beds to accommodate the Heart Center’s extraordinary growth. The expanded facilities are expected to be ready for patients by summer of this year.

Fiesta de los Niños 2024 at American Bank Center. Friday, March 22, 2024

The money raised at Fiesta also went to aid other initiatives at Driscoll.

During the evening, there was a special Light Up the Night appeal, sponsored by Valero, to provide equipment for a more thorough quality of care to young athletes who encounter sports-related injuries. The use of the Biodex isokinetic system combined with the AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill is designed to give athletes their best opportunity for a safe recovery.

Driscoll would like to thank to all our sponsors, led by Flint Hills Resources, for making such an amazing night possible. See you next year!

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