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At Driscoll Children’s Hospital, we believe nothing is more precious than our children, and we promise that every child who enters into our care is cherished and loved. The Driscoll Ambassador Family Program was designed to share that promise with the community and bring awareness to the lifesaving work being done every day at Driscoll.

What does an Ambassador Family do?
As an Ambassador Family, you may be asked to attend and speak at various fundraising events throughout the year as a Driscoll Children’s Hospital representative. You will help us promote our mission of being devoted to expert care, education, outreach, and advocacy and, ultimately, help us raise critical funds that support the patients and families of Driscoll.

Why should my family join?
By sharing the story of your journey, you are also sharing Driscoll’s story and spreading awareness of other families and patients like you. We want to hear about your experiences with our physicians, nurses, Child Life specialists, and/or therapists—anyone who positively impacted your child and family. As a Driscoll Ambassador Family, you will inspire the community to support Driscoll Children’s Hospital and help us heal more children, together.

Be a Miracle Champion!
Each year in the fall, one child from the Driscoll Ambassador Family Program between the ages of 5 and 17 will be chosen to be the following year’s Children Miracle Network’s Miracle Champion. The Miracle Champion’s image and story will be used in marketing and promotional materials to support CMN partner campaigns and programs throughout the year.

How do we join the Driscoll Family Ambassador Program?
We are so excited you are interested in joining this group and helping spread the word about Driscoll Children’s Hospital! Simply fill out the application below and return it to the provided address by mail or email.

Return your application by mail or email to:
Veronica Ramos
Annual Giving, Development
Driscoll Children’s Hospital
3533 S. Alameda St. Corpus Christi, TX 78411
[email protected]

Before sending your application, please read through our eligibility criteria.

  • The patient must currently be receiving continuing care from Driscoll Children’s Hospital or have been a patient within the past 5 years.
  • The patient and/or the patient’s family must be willing to speak about their medical journey.
  • The patient and/or the patient’s family must be willing and able to attend various events and represent Driscoll Children’s Hospital.
  • You must be willing to sign a photo consent form.
  • The parent or legal guardian must have a working email address that is checked often to receive information about the program.
  • An approval must be made by a DCH physician/clinic that the patient has visited.

Driscoll Ambassador Families may be asked to attend up to 5 events a year in various capacities. You may also be asked to attend a photo shoot for the patient. There will be opportunities to attend community events, speak at fundraisers, thank our sponsors and so much more.

For any questions, please reach out to:

Whitney Hendley
Annual Giving Specialist
(361) 694-6402
[email protected]
Veronica Ramos
Asst. Annual Giving Specialist
(361) 694-4485
[email protected]

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