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The Driscoll team is dedicated to achieving unimaginable outcomes for our patients and the people who love them. See our latest stories here—and check back often as new miracles are made.

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Getting Back on Track

Preston suffered a life-threatening brain injury at 23 months. But with Driscoll—nothing would stand between him and recovery.
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CMN Champion: Audrey Garza

February 24, 2022

What started as a fever and suspected ear infection led to a life-changing diagnosis for 9-month-old Audrey Garza. After months of searching for answers, Audrey came to Driscoll Children’s Hospital where physicians diagnosed her with acute transverse myelitis, a rare condition that causes swelling of the spinal cord, leaving her unable to walk. Now five, Audrey […]

James Heart Story

February 23, 2022

James Strauss was born with a bicuspid valve in his heart with severe stenosis. “It can be rapidly fatal for children if it is not diagnosed in time, so the fact that we caught it soon after he was born was really pivotal because his heart wasn’t struggling for too long,” said Jerry Michael, MD, FAAP, FACC, Pediatric […]

SJ's Heart Story

January 31, 2022

Ziarra Estrada was at a routine prenatal ultrasound when she learned something was wrong with her baby’s heart. She was referred to Driscoll Children’s Maternal Fetal Medicine, which specializes in the detection, evaluation and management of fetal conditions prior to a baby’s birth. Driscoll’s Maternal Fetal Medicine specialists worked hand-in-hand with Driscoll Children’s Heart Center’s pediatric cardiologists and surgeons to determine […]

Xaviers Big Day

January 10, 2022

Two years ago, Coast Guard member Scott Ferguson and his family received the diagnosis that his 8-year-old son Xavier had Leukemia. On Friday, January 7, now-10-year-old Xavier and his family came to Driscoll Children’s Hospital for Xavier’s final chemotherapy appointment. Xavier’s big milestone was celebrated by ringing the bell in the Driscoll Children’s Cancer and Blood […]

Jeremiah Stands Tall

January 5, 2022

Fourteen-year-old Jeremiah Cardona from Weslaco is now able to stand tall thanks to Driscoll Children’s Hospital. Jeremiah was born with congenital scoliosis, which was causing a curvature in his back. He was having difficulty sleeping and it would hurt to lie down. Sochic Contreras, Jeremiah’s mom, said, “He was not a regular little kid. He […]

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