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Mar 1 2022
Driscoll Children’s Hospital and CHRISTUS Spohn Collaborate to Create a Hospital within CHRISTUS Spohn Hospital Corpus Christi - South Driscoll Child…
Happy baby next to the Driscoll Neonatal Care Center logo.
Feb 24 2022
What started as a fever and suspected ear infection led to a life-changing diagnosis for 9-month-old Audrey Garza. After months of searching for answ…
Audrey in her wheelchair breaks ground at the new Rio Grande Valley site.
Feb 23 2022
James Strauss was born with a bicuspid valve in his heart with severe stenosis. “It can be rapidly fatal for children if it is not diagnosed in time,…
Happy young James with his sister, now a healthy young boy.
Feb 13 2022
Driscoll Children’s Hospital congratulates these physicians for being named Top Doctors by The Bend Magazine. Ane…
Portraits of Driscoll doctors named Top Doctors by The Bend Magazine.
Feb 4 2022
Milo Moore was 3-months-old when he was diagnosed with stage 4 malignant rhabdoid tumor (MRT), a rare and fast growing childhood cancer. Although the…
A smiling baby  with some drool on their shirt and a tube attached to their face.