Cardiac MRI/MRA

Cardiac MRI/MRA imaging helps our team evaluate the structures and function of a child’s heart, valves, major vessels and surrounding structures to diagnose a variety of cardiovascular problems. Using cardiac MRI/MRA, our physicians can examine the size and thickness of the chambers of the heart, determine heart disease, and detect blockages in the blood vessels.


  • 3-D Imaging
  • Specialized Imaging
MRI machine cast in warm light with a seafloor scene featuring an octopus wearing a pirate hat projected on the wall to the right
Dr. Goya with a cardiology patient.

Meet the Heart Team

Our Heart Center doctors specialize in pediatric conditions of the heart. Our physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants are not only experts of the rarest conditions, they're also on the forefront of the most innovative treatments of heart conditions in our smallest, most vulnerable patients.


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