Following a heart procedure, a child’s recovery can be quicker when they’re surrounded by family, friends, and the comforts of home. Depending on your child's needs, the Heart Center’s Interstage Home Monitoring can be accommodated through a special team dedicated to your child’s recovery with scheduled home check-ins, virtual visits, or at one of our eight satellite offices across South Texas.


  • Customized Recovery Plans
  • Virtual Visits and At-Home Visits
  • A Dedicated Monitor Team

Meet the Heart Team

Your child will have a customized plan of recovery, timeline and team depending on your child’s specific needs. These nurses, therapists and physicians will be available 24/7 for visits, check-ins and any concerns following a heart procedure.

Meet the Team
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The Heart Center at
Driscoll Children's Hospital

Seamless Specialist Care

Visit all your child's specialists in one trip to Driscoll Children's Hospital.

Contact any of our specialty clinics to schedule a convenient one-day visit to all your child’s specialists.

Call 361-694-5000 or your 
specialty clinic.

Interstage Home Monitoring Locations

Driscoll Children's Hospital, Corpus Christi

3533 S. Alameda St.
Corpus Christi
(361) 694-5000
Interstage Home Monitoring
(361) 694-5000

Miracle Stories

Together, Against All Odds

Our experts put their passion to work every day, helping kids defy incredible odds on their health journeys here at Driscoll.
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