Our Promise to You

The primary goal of our Patient Relations Department is to proactively offer services to meet the needs of our patients and families.

Patient and Parent Rights and Responsibilities

At Driscoll Children's Hospital, Corpus Christi, we understand that there is more involved in a child's care than just their illness. We strive to ensure that our Patients and Parent's Rights and Responsibilities are met in an environment of trust, compassion, and care. We feel that concerns relayed to us from our guests will assist us in our endeavor to enhance the care given to families entering our hospital, clinics or any care area.

We Care—Will You Share?

We value your feedback. With insights from your visit, we can continue striving to provide excellent pediatric healthcare by enhancing service for all patients and families. Here are a few things to know about our feedback process:

  • Patient Relations representatives visit patients and their families daily to ensure satisfaction and assist with any needs that may arise during their visit.
  • Representatives can address any questions or concerns you may have, including any positive feedback you would like to share with us.
  • We partner with NRC Picker, a national survey company focused on the patient-focused healthcare environment, which helps us measure the perceptions and opinions of inpatients, outpatients, emergency patients and physician office patients.
  • You may receive a survey in the mail asking about you and your child’s experience. Based on recommendations from these surveys, and from Patient Relations daily rounds, we can identify new opportunities and enhance healthcare services.

Concerns and Grievances

Here at Driscoll Children's Hospital, Corpus Christi, we recognize that all feedback is valuable—even if we receive a complaint. Concerns relayed to us from guests help ensure patient safety moving forward and enhance the services we provide. We are committed to creating a responsive and empathetic environment that promotes the worth and dignity of all individuals. If you have a complaint that you would like us to help you resolve, please contact us.

If your concerns cannot be resolved through the hospital, you as parents, patients, staff or medical staff, are encouraged to contact the following:

Joint Commission's Office of Quality Monitoring

Phone: (800) 994-6610, Email: [email protected], jointcommission.org

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Send an Email to a Patient

We will be happy to send your note to a patient who is staying with us. Email us [email protected] and your email will be personally delivered to the patient’s room.

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