Student Scheduling

Student Rotations

If you are currently enrolled in a program with an approved affiliate school and have been approved to complete clinicals at Driscoll Children’s Hospital, please complete the online orientation process by filling out the forms using the link below. These forms include Student Information, Exhibit A, Exhibit B, Exhibit D and Self-Study Questionnaire.

If you are seeking a clinical rotation, but have not been approved, please contact the Center for Professional Development and Practice at (361) 694-5068.

After completing the online orientation, you will be contacted by the Center for Professional Development and Practice. We look forward to accommodating your clinical experience.

The Self-Study Orientation Study Guide should be reviewed prior to completing the Self-Study Questionnaire.

Self-Study Orientation Study Guide

Complete Online Orientation



If you have completed a clinical rotation through the Center for Professional Development and Practice, please complete the online evaluation. Thank you for your participation.

Complete Evaluation



If you are an Instructor or Coordinator for a clinical student or clinical group completing rotations at Driscoll, please see below for instructions on the current electronic student process. Exhibit C and the Student Scheduling Form should be completed and emailed no later than one week prior to the first day of the student rotation. (For example, if a student begins on a Monday, all forms should be received the Monday prior.) These forms should only be completed if the student(s) has been approved for a rotation.