Developmental Pediatric Medicine Referral Information

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Developmental Pediatric Medicine Referral Contact Information:

(361) 694-5650
(361) 808-2063

Referring Physicians Must Fax the Following Information:

  • DCH patient referral form  (script signed by PCP), Patient must be referred by primary care physician
  • Insurance/Medicaid card (front and back)
  • Demographic information
  • Physician’s notes/diagnosis
  • Please include with the referral these findings and previously administered services:
    • Current Education Plan: IEP/504/ARD
    • ECI
    • Genetics
    • Therapy/Counseling
    • Psychologist /Psychiatrist
    • Neurological
    • Speech/OT/PT

Patients Must Bring the Following to Appointment:

  • Patient must be accompanied by parent/guardian (with ID) who knows the history
  • Immunization card
  • Report cards to first visit
  • Current medications

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