Orthopaedics Referral Information

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Orthopaedics Referral Contact Information:

Corpus Christi: 
(361) 694-5057
(361) 808-2067
(956) 688-1200
(361) 808-2067
(956) 698-8600
(361) 808-2067

Referring Physicians Must Fax the Following Information:

  • DCH patient referral form (script signed by PCP)
  • Insurance/Medicaid card (front and back)
  • Authorization/referral number, number of visits
  • Script with diagnosis/reason for referral and doctor’s signature
  • X-ray and/or lab studies or notation stating studies done at DCH. If study done outside of DCH, please bring actual films or image CD
  • Progress notes (Notes from PCP, other specialist, previous surgeries or procedures, etc.)
Note: The DCH Orthopedic Clinic staff will contact the referring physician’s office after all information is received and reviewed.

Patients Must Bring the Following to Appointment:

  • Patient must be accompanied by parent/guardian (with ID) who knows the history
  • Immunization card
  • List of current medications
Referring diagnosis Suggested work-up and initial management When to refer
Back pain X-ray
Normal X-rays - course of therapy or further work-up
Abnormal findings
Scoliosis X-ray Curve greater than 10 degrees
Leg length discrepancy X-ray Discrepancy greater than 2cm
Bowlegs/Genu varum X-ray no earlier than 2 years of age Abnormal findings
Internal tibial torsion
Femoral anteversion
Observation until 4 years of age
Observation until 10 years of age
Unable to perform daily activities
Limping (acute) X-Ray, lab (CBC, ESR, CRP) Once studies are completed
Abnormal gait / toe walking /
dragging of extremity / limping (chronic)
Must send for Neurology evaluation Once Neurology evaluation is completed

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