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We're excited to support our residents in their scholarly activities. Fresh perspectives are always needed in the field of pediatrics, and your work may transform existing treatments.

Scholarly Activities


Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME)
ACGME recognizes the diversity of residencies and anticipates that programs prepare physicians for a variety of roles, including clinicians, scientists and educators. It is expected that the program’s scholarship will reflect its mission(s) and aims, and the needs of the community it serves. For example, some programs may concentrate their scholarly activity on quality improvement, population health, and/or teaching, while other programs might choose to utilize more classic forms of biomedical research as the focus for scholarship (Section IV.D of program requirements). Residents must receive training and experience in quality improvement processes, including an understanding of health care disparities (Section VI.A of program requirements).

Program Requirement
Based on ACGME guidelines and the American Board of Pediatrics (ABP), our program promotes research and quality improvement. Every resident is required to have a project under both domains over the 3 years of training.

Clinical Research

While at DCH, residents have extensive opportunities to be involved in research in pediatrics and its subspecialties. Residents can participate in clinical research at a variety of levels and participate in ongoing or new projects based on their interests. During the second and third year of training, residents may choose a research elective that will allow them to concentrate on their research activities.

Scholarly oversight committee: This committee comprises faculty pediatricians, subspecialists and residents with ample research experience tailored to help residents not familiar with scholarly activities.

Yearly Resident Research Day

Financial Support
There are a number of local and national grants available to carry out research, and the program promotes and facilitates applications for outside grants:

  • Oshman Fund: Up to $ 1,000.00 grant for clinical research.
  • CATCH Grants: The Community Access To Child Health (CATCH) Program is a program of the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Quality Improvement

DCH has a robust quality improvement (QI) and patient safety curriculum. It includes integration of the Institute of Healthcare Improvement (IHI resident modules) and hands-on training over the 3-year program on QI essentials to help residents design and implement projects.

Residents will be able to earn MOC credit for ABP-approved quality improvement work completed during residency. They can then apply credit earned toward their first MOC cycle once they pass their initial ABP examination. QI projects that residents participate in to meet their ACGME requirements may also qualify for ABP credit.

Residents are required to present their QI projects every June to a panel of QI leaders in the hospital during our annual Medical Education QI Symposium.

Medical Education Quality Improvement Symposium

Residents’ Advocacy

Our residents have the opportunity to stimulate positive change by engaging our community, so advocacy is an integral part of our program. Each resident is required to actively lead a project in any of our three major advocacy groups:

  • Community advocacy group–organizes community-based programs in conjunction with local organizations such as helping kids who are at risk due to homelessness or refugees.
  • Education advocacy group–works with local schools to help at-risk students and also offer health literacy classes.
  • Legislative advocacy group–works with local and state organizations on promoting health-based policies that improve the health of our kids.

Annual Advocacy Week
This is a week-long event held every year in the month of April. It's an opportunity for residents to go out in the community and advocate for children. Every year a new topic is chosen and discussed with the members of the community.

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