Radiology Referral Information

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Radiology Referral Contact Information:

Corpus Christi: 
Scheduling: (361) 694-6132
Front Desk: (361) 694-5240
Toll Free: (844) 808-2191
(361) 808-2191
(956) 688-1379
(361) 808-2044
(956) 688-1379
(361) 808-2075

Referring Physicians Must Fax the Following Information:

  • Order (signed by PCP)
  • Insurance/Medicaid card (front and back)
Note: The DCH Orthopedic Clinic staff will contact the referring physician’s office after all information is received and reviewed.

Patients Must Bring the Following to Appointment:

  • Patient must be accompanied by parent/guardian (with ID) who knows history
  • Medications presently taken

Patient preparation

The following exams require an appointment. If you need to schedule a Nuclear Medicine, C.T., or MRI exam, please ask about any needed preparation when you call to schedule.

Esophagus, barium swallow (pharynx, esophagus)
All ages:
  • Nothing by mouth for 2 hours prior to exam

Upper GI series, small bowel series (pharynx, esophagus, stomach and small bowel)
0-2 years:
  • No solid foods after midnight (may have liquids, including formula)
  • Nothing by mouth for 3 hours prior to exam
2-18 years:
  • No foods after midnight
  • Nothing by mouth for 4 hours prior to exam
  • No chewing gum on the day of the exam
Double Contrast (Barium) Enema
  • Polyps
  • Rectal Bleeding
10-16 Years:
  • Low residue diet for 48 hours prior to the exam
  • Clear liquid diet for 24 hours prior to the exam
  • No milk or milk products for 24 hours prior to the exam
  • NPO 4 hours prior to the exam
  • Two (2) ounces of castor oil in grape juice or root beer at 4 p.m. on the day preceding the exam
  • Pediatric Fleet enema at 8 p.m. the evening prior to the exam
  • Pediatric Fleet enema 3 hours prior to the exam
Over 16 years:
  • Same prep as 10-16 years except use an Adult Fleet enema
Air Enema
No Prep

Contrast Enema (Colon) for Chronic Constipation
No Prep

No prep for painful hematuria/stones
Prep if patient not having pain
All Ages:
  • Nothing by mouth 2 hours prior to exam
All ages:
  • No fever for 24 hours
  • No special preparation is required in children with abdominal trauma or other acute abdominal conditions necessitating IVP’s or Barium Enema
  • If patient has suspected renal hypertension, impaired renal function, an elevated BUN or Creatinine or other contraindications, the Radiologist MUST be consulted in advance prior to the injection of IV contrast media.
Ultrasound Exam Preps (abdomen, gallbladder, liver [hepatic], pancreas)
Birth to 2 years old (less than 25lbs):
  • NPO 2 hours before exam (includes all foods, snacks, gum, hard candy and all liquids)
3 to 8 years old:
  • NPO 6 hours before exam (includes all foods, snacks, gum, hard candy and all liquids)
8 years and older:
  • NPO 8 hours before exam (includes all foods, snacks, gum, hard candy and all liquids)
  • Small amount of water, if needed, to take medication
Kidney (renal)
  • No carbonated drinks for the 12 hours prior to the exam
Pelvic Bladder
  • 24-32 oz of non-carbonated drinks within 1 hour prior to the exam
Head, hip, pyloric, soft tissue, testicle, thyroid
  • No prep
IMPORTANT NOTE: Intravenous (IV) Iodinated Contrast Use
Diabetic patients on Glucaphage/Glucovance (Meformin Hydrochloride) Therapy:
  • When IV iodinated contrast studies are planned for patients receiving metformin therapy, the metformin should be withheld the day of the study for 48 hours subsequent to the administration of any IV iodinated contrast.
  • The metformin should not be re-instituted until renal function has been re-evaluated and found to be normal.
  • Hold solid foods for 4 hours prior to IV contrast administration
  • The patient must be well-hydrated and may have clear liquids until 1 hour prior to the procedure time

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