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Driscoll’s Community Retention Program is an exciting opportunity to provide support to our Pediatric Residents that extends beyond residency training.

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Driscoll Childrens Hospital’s Community Retention Program was developed to help fill needs in underserved communities with pediatric physician shortages. Driscoll is committed to retaining our amazing pediatric residents to continue caring for our patients across South Texas.

General Information

In a Community Retention Agreement, Driscoll will provide financial assistance to residents upon graduation for a commitment to live in and serve pediatric patients in underserved areas of South Texas for a specific amount of time. Agreements are usually arranged during the third year of training, so that after graduation new Pediatricians are able to start their career with support. The Driscoll Development team provides residents with multiple job opportunities throughout the 33 counties our hospital serves in South Texas.

Exploring Opportunities

During residency, Driscoll provides support in finding practice opportunities to residents.  Residents are introduced to physicians and practices interested in recruiting pediatricians in South Texas.

  • Residents are able to rotate with community physicians interested in recruiting new partners during their 2nd or 3rd year.
  • Driscoll Children’s Hospital will assist with living and travel expenses to support resident exposure to underserved communities in South Texas.

Residents who are pursuing subspecialty training can interview for subspecialty positions prior to starting fellowships if they wish to return to South Texas after fellowship training to help support our patients.

For More Information

Executive Contacts
Jeanene Anthony
Vice President, Business Development and Planning
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (361) 694-4793

Joel Bucey
Director, Business Development
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (361) 694-4783

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